Walking In The Desert

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Christ in desert

The Persecuted Church and The Crisis of Faith

It is not easy being Catholic or even Christian in general in the modern world. In a culture that undermines Christian values such as the social acceptance of same sex “marriage”, abortion, euthanasia, a secularized society absent from God’s moral laws, and much more. Most people have given in to a great deal of theological, philosophical and moral errors, such as the belief in moral relativism; The belief that there is no such thing as absolute truth (a logical contradiction). Atheism, secular humanism, secularism, materialism, hedonism, and a number of other dangerous ideologies have all negatively affected society.

It is not just from the outside, but from the inside as well. There is a crisis going on called the crisis of faith, which Pope Benedict XVI once stated. The quality of Catholic catechism has gone down, and most people don’t know solid traditional Catholic teaching. Most Catholics sadly don’t know scripture either. Many Catholics have also sadly fallen into modernism; the belief that truth is relative and changes with the times. Lastly the call to the religious life and the priesthood has also greatly declined.


Walking In The Desert

Why the name walking in the Desert? The name of this website is meant to portray the great temptations and struggles of Jesus Christ in the desert. Just as modern society is often tempted to follow the times and the various great modern errors that are listed above, Our Lord Jesus Christ was also tempted to do the same. It is thus in this great imitation of perseverance in the fullness of truth that this website gets its name.

Walking In The Desert is meant to help fix many of the problems listed above. The goal of this website is to help re-Christianize our society and culture. This website has a focus on traditional Catholicism . This includes a profound loyalty to the Magesterium, and the teachings of the Catholic Faith.

This website will help to cover all things Catholic. There will be a lot of thought provoking articles regarding all things Catholic which will be written in this website. This is meant to help convert souls for Christ and the Holy Catholic Faith. Many topicsĀ  such as apologetics, history, society and culture, politics, liturgy, and a host of many other things from a traditional Catholic perspective will be written in this website. There will also be a lot of resources and projects such as video documentaries, podcasts, and many other tools which will available in this website.





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  1. God bless you for erecting this website. It is a great thing you are doing here providing folks with the orthodox teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.May Many souls come to Christ and be solidified in their faith by this apostolale.
    Peace and blessings,
    Deacon Joe Pasquella
    Diocese of Buffalo

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