On Processions

Swirling incense run about in the streets, candles flickering and fragrant flowers, priests in surplices, cassocks, stoles, and copes. Altar servers in albs and surplices bearing torches and the crucifer, often in a tunicle bearing the cross of Our Lord, images of wood and ivory often processed in […]

The Organic Development of Society

Moving Ahead from the Vantage Point of Tradition I intend to bring about through this article my thoughts and reflections relating to what I consider the organic development of society. For most of my Catholic audience reading this article (specifically those from a Traditional bent) will know about […]

Open Invitation to Catholic writers

Walking In the Desert is a website that I started about three years ago with the specific goal of providing historical, theological, philosophical, apologetics, news and commentary, as well as many other information about the Catholic Faith from a traditional Catholic perspective. This includes a discussion about the […]


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