Catholics and Halloween

The Catholic Origins and Roots of Halloween The celebration of Halloween has been a controversial topic amongst many people including Christians and even Catholics. On one side there is the false notion and myth that Halloween is based on pagan origins such as that of Samhain. There is […]

Priestly Ordination To Men Alone

In a historic vote, the Church of England today approved female bishops.  The vote was far from even being close. Women will be bishops in the Church of England after a historic vote in the General Synod, ending 40 years of not being able to do so. An overwhelming […]

Heresies In the Modern World

Throughout the history of Christianity there has come about various heretical ideas that contradict that which is divinely revealed. These heretical ideas include those of the Arian heresy founded by Arius which claimed that Christ was not divine.  Then came Manichaeism a religion founded by the Persian Mani […]

Reconsidering Communion in the hand

Why We Should Go Back To the Traditional Reception of Holy Communion The Traditional Reception of Holy Communion Throughout the history of the Catholic Faith specifically in the Roman Rite of the Mass, the reception of Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue is the established tradition. This […]

Women and Head Covering at Mass

History of Head Covering and Scripture For over 2000 years Christian women have covered their heads during Mass, sacred rites, as well as prayer and adoration. In most instances this was done by wearing a veil, as it tended to be the most convenient way. It was not […]

Let Us Remember Today

Today we celebrate Memorial Day a day in which we remember those who gave their life so that we can have the freedom which we have. Namely we remember and commemorate fellow veterans who gave their lives for their country. In a special way let us however as […]


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