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Walking In The Desert is a website which was founded about two years ago with the specific goal of providing a free Catholic publication both digital and print which would touch upon many Catholic subjects such as history, theology, philosophy, apologetics, news and commentary, as well as many other information about the Catholic Faith from a traditional Catholic perspective.

The purpose of creating and having a generally free traditional Catholic print and digital publication would be in order to help promote and defend our Holy Catholic Faith and likewise to help other fellow Catholics love their faith more and learn more about it. While lastly being a source of knowledge of the Catholic Faith to non-Catholic as well.

Because this apostolate in regards to providing a free Catholic print and digital publication is generally free and likewise takes money to maintain, it is vitality important that this apostolate is well funded both by donations as well as the good will of individuals.

Similarly not only does Walking In The Desert provide a free Catholic publication but we also collaborate with the Brotherhood of Saint Dismas a men’s Catholic Confraternity dedicated to its penitential nature as well as its nature to evangelize and promulgate the Catholic Faith. We strive to keep with the authentic intent of the New Evangelization which His Holiness Pope Saint John Paul II called for.

In relation to the Brotherhood of Saint Dismas we also provide cheap and many times even free Catholic material such as Bibles, Catechisms, scapulars, veils and many others which will help people to know and defend their faith. We also use the money to help hosts events such as talks, and retreats that are usually sponsored through the Brotherhood Confraternity. This includes inviting guests speakers such as well known apologists and priests.


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