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Do you have a question about the Catholic faith? Do You want to learn more about tradition? Ask a Question here and hopefully I will get back to you either by email or by posting it in my website. Most of the time I might just post it in a question and answer format in a blog post, or in a seperate page. I might however get back to you via email.

Have a question about scripture?
Have a question about the Mass? Latin Mass?
Have a question about the early Church?
Have a quetion about Mary?
Want to know if something is scriptural?
Have any other question not listed?

I get quite a bit of email, and for that reason I can’t promise to get back to everyone, but I will try my best. I might also have to ask around, I can’t expect to know all the answers. Like stated above I might either get back by email, or simply post it in the site in a question and answer format.

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