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On Local Rites and Uses

Continuing with my series on the Liturgy, this short post is first and foremost dedicated to all those whose life-long dream is the revival of local uses and rites within the Western (Catholic)  Church, especially those uses and rites which developed in the Middle Ages.  That includes me […]

On Tunicled Acolytes

There is an idea that I have been toying around for some months now; that is the practice of tunicled acolytes. Normally, we can see tunicled crucifers alone in some Latin Mass communities, but in our case the practice of tunicled acolytes go far back to the days […]

On the Death Penalty

The death penalty is one of those things that could be beneficial. But, without going further at this point, there needs to be something that should be said about how most people, specifically Catholics see the death penalty. In the first place I find the crowd who supports […]

Like the Dinosaurs

The  modern  world  seems invincible.  Like  the  extinct dinosaurs. In making such an observation, Nicolás Goméz Dávila expressed a profound truth about the modern world, and its adherence to fashionable platitudes and fads, that while it seems that these things are very widely held, widely believed, widely disseminated […]


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