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Saints that have influenced me: Augustine of Hippo

This is the fourth and last article about certain saints that have influenced my life                                                                                No other saint has shown that God stays with us throughout our life, and that conversion can happen at any day, than Augustine of Hippo. Augustine used to live a loose life […]

Saints that have influenced me: Therese of Lisieux

                                                        This is the second article of certain saints that have influenced my life There has not been another saint that has made me see simplicity and the art of sacrifice than Therese of Lisieux. She not only taught me humility, but the simplicity in her daily and […]

Free Catholic Audio

Many times we don’t have time to read. We have to go to work, to pick up our kids from school, we have a doctor’s appointment, and many other things that take time away from us. That’s why today’s post is dedicated to giving you websites where you […]

Defending Mary

Many protestants tend to be opposed to Mary in many ways. This includes their opposition to Mary’s perpetual virginity, including from the time she had Jesus, to after she had Jesus. The second opposition comes from the claim that Jesus denounced Mary and his family.  This is commonly seen in the verse […]

Why did God make me?

One of the many questions asked by people is why did God make me? People want to understand the reason for life, the reason for us being here. It’s not until we learn that we were created in God’s image that we may know and love him that […]

A Lack of Faith

In this generation it seems that there’s a lack of faith. Recently the other day I heard a guy say, ” I don’t understand why you would have faith, it doesn’t make sense to me”, he later went into saying both how if something doesn’t make sense to […]


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