Liturgitalk Episode 1: The Nature and Liturgical Principles of the Mass

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In this first liturgitalk podcast episode, we discuss the nature and various liturgical principles of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We discuss why we need sacrifice to begin with and how it is tied to the cardinal virtue of justice and religion. We discuss how in order to properly give God the right type of worship we need the aid of Divine Revelation. I show how the initial Divine Revelation started with the Old Testament Israelities (biblical Judaism) and how it culminates with Jesus Christ in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I explain what the Church teaches in regards to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Holy Sacrifice of the Cross at Calvary being one and the same sacrifice. I go on to show how the Mass is biblically based  from start to finish. I end this talk by giving some liturgical principles of the Mass such as it being 1) God centered and why the Church should return to Ad Orientem worship as has been promoted by various popes and theologians 2) the significance of silence as promoted by Cardinal Robert Sarah and how Gregorian Chant fits perfectly with the concept of liturgical silence 3) and lastly the significance of a Sacred Language being used at Mass; Latin in the case of the Roman Rite.

Podcast notes and further references:

The religious nature of Sacrifice

The virtue of justice- Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted

Religion- Catholic Dictionary Fr. John Hardon

The nature of the Mass

Fr. Chad Ripperger “Talk given on Sacrifice in the Mass” (Please do penance-ware, as per the rules of the website if you wan’t to listen to the talk or download it)

(James Cardinal Gibbons “The Faith of Our Fathers, Tan Books 1876, pg. 266)

The Roman Catechism of the Council of Trent

A Biblical Introduction to the Mass

Quotes on the Mass

What is a Catholic rite?

On our participation at Mass

The Ten Most Common Liturgical Abuses

The Church Speaks

Posture During the “Our Father” Over Against the Rubrics

The Faithful Are Not To Use the Orans Posture During the Our Father

Hand Gestures at Mass?

The Theocentricity of the Mass

8 Modern Errors Every Catholic SHould Know and Avoid

Cardinal Robert Sarah Discusses the Sublimity of Silence

Cardinal Robert Sarah on “The Strength of Silence” and the Dictatorship of Noise

True liturgy is a reflection of heaven, Cardinal Sarah says

Cardinal Sarah: ‘How to Put God Back at the Center of the Liturgy’

Cardinal Sarah’s pastoral call to “turn to the Lord”

Silence and Sacred Music

(Some of the above linked to articles of Cardinal Sarah also touch upon this principle)

Sacrosanctum Concilium (Vatican II’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy section 116)

Sacrosanctum Concilium on Sacred Music – a talk by Dom Cassian Folosm

Musicians in Catholic Worship ­ III Bells and Whistles, Guitars and Tambourines


Make Church Music Great Again

Can drums be used at Mass?

Twenty-four Questions on Sacred Music

What music should be used at Mass?

The Spirituality of the Ancient Liturgy Part 1

The Spirituality of the Ancient Liturgy Part 2

Latin and the significance of a Sacred and Liturgical language

Sacrosanctum Concilium also touches upon this in Section 36

Liturgical Languages by Angelus A. De Marco, O.F.M. (History of the vernacular use of liturgical languages)

The Use of the Latin Language

Why Celebrate Mass in Latin?

What is the Latin Mass?



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