Episode 1: Proving the Existence of God Using Aquinas’ Five Ways

Detail from "Triumph of St. Thomas Aquinas over Averroes" by Benozzo Gozzoli (1420–97)

Can the existence of God be proved? Isn’t it an act of faith and hence something we must accept with no natural or reasonable proof apart from an act of faith? Saint Thomas Aquinas states the contrary. Quoting from the apostle Saint Paul he shows how the reality of God can be demonstrated by the “invisible things of Him, being understood by the things that are made.” (Romans 1:20). Saint Thomas Aquinas precisely states that the existence of God is a metaphysical necessity based on philosophical realism. He does this by giving us 5 ways or proofs for the existence of God. These ways are 1) The argument from motion 2) The argument from causation 3) The argument from necessity 4) The argument from perfection 5) And the argument from finality (or teleology) not from design!

In this first podcast episode we go over these 5 ways or proofs, and go into detail as to what they particularly mean and entail. We also go into some preliminary Thomistic philosophical terms such as act and potency, the four causes, finality and teleology, causation, motion, perfection, essence, and existence amongst many other things.


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