54 Day Rosary Novena For Holy Mother Church

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On Tuesday November, 8, many Americans, and especially Catholics received an extraordinary act of mercy on election day; against evil politicians and political platforms that were completely contrary to the dignity of life and the defense of the family. This extraordinary act of mercy was granted because of the many prayers as well as Rosary Novenas for our nation that were offered up by countless of sacrificial laymen and prayer warriors, as well as priests, bishops and other clerics.
It is more than pleasing that God allowed such an extraordinary act of mercy, due to the many prayers by countless individuals for the good of our nation and for the sake of making our nation holy. Nevertheless even more important than our nation is the good and sanctification of Holy Mother Church. This is more than true in a culture that undermines the true dignity of life, as well as the nature of natural and Sacramental marriage and the family. This is sadly true due to the weakness of some members of the Magisterium as well. This also includes the confusion of Church doctrine and the celebration of irreverent liturgies by many members within the Magisterium.
Given this reality I call for all Catholics to join me in making this 54 Day Rosary Novena for the Sanctification of Holy Mother Church. This Novena will be offered for the Holy Father, the Vatican, The Magisterium, all clerics scattered throughout the world regardless of their rank, and for the sanctification of all the members of the Catholic Church. Furthermore this Rosary will be prayed for the defense of the dignity of life and the true nature of marriage and the family. May the leaders of Holy Mother Church present Church teaching in a most sound and clear way. May this Rosary Novena also be offered for the worthy celebration of utmost reverent and beautifully celebrated liturgies. And lastly may this Rosary inspire the Church at large to promote the social kingship of Christ in all aspects of society.
This worldwide Rosary Novena will begin on December 3 “The Feast of Saint Francis Xavier” (Who was a Jesuit missionary said to have converted more people than any other since the time of Saint Paul. The Novena will finish on January 25 (The Conversion of Saint Paul.)
Please invite as many friends to join in this worldwide Rosary Novena.

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