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It has been a while since my last update regarding our Confraternity, as I am now wont to do here than on the official website (

The feast day of Our Lady: The Triduum

We celebrated the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, with a Triduum preceding it. The photos below shows the Mass in our chapel. Father is wearing a white chasuble set, but with a gold chalice veil (actually, it is a green chalice veil but the lining was exposed since we do not have any white chalice veil) and burse. The Mass was a Votive Mass in honor of Our Lady.

The second day also went well. We note that during this time, our group had grown steadily and surely. By this point, our pews had begun to be filled. The Latin Mass also influenced our members very well. Here, we note that after the members experienced the Mass for the first time, they attended the other Masses without us having to remind them to attend. Their interest was piqued. Questions are beginning to be asked.

The third day perhaps was one odd day that saw the same attendees. There were no new ones. By this point, the attendance of most of the Confraternity members became solidified, and the Liturgy was little by little being perfected by the server(s). There were little errors during the Mass. It was remarkable, considering the fact that the servers and the ones who organized, including me, did not learn personally from the people who knew the Mass, but instead relied on their own. It was entirely a personal endeavor.

The image

During the second day, we enthroned and crowned the image of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.

The image changed vestments at least three times.

The feast day of the Virgin

It must be admitted that the Mass on the Feast day was a peculiar one. It was  a Sung Mass, but since we lacked servers, there was but one server, and one cantor. Here, it must be admitted that we did make a few mistakes, but nothing bordering upon the irreverent. Perhaps irregular, since this was a Mass that was sung (with the propers and the Ordinary), but it took the form of a Low Mass, like in Clear Creek on their Conventual Mass wherein there is but one server but every part of the Mass was chanted.

At the feast day itself, the chapel was full and the pews were all filled by both the members of the Confraternity and by the pupils of the elementary department of the school. It is one way to expose the children to the sense of the sacred. And the children, by the looks of it, were really well fed. They were attentive and well-behaved.

Not to be forgotten are some students who were tagged-along by our fellow members to attend the Mass. Their feedback was very positive after the Mass, with some expressing interest to join the Confraternity.

Afterwards, there was the procession around the corridors of the school. It attracted the attention of those taking their classes. At every turn and at every part of the corridors wherein we the members of the Confraternity would walk our procession through, the classes would go on a standstill and watch the procession. This is bringing the divine to the mundane.

And what could be a fiesta without food? After the procession, we all gathered in the Principal’s Office for some pizza.

(The author of this post is not seen on this picture; a shame that he was too busy removing his surplice and his cassock on the sacristy that when he arrived he only got two pieces of pizza. Same with the altar server)

The Mission Fair

After the celebrations of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Confraternity became a bit dormant due to the recently concluded activities. The members need their rest, and they have an academic performance to check and to improve upon. But come Mission Fair, that the three-day celebration of the entire Saint Andrew’s School (where the Confraternity is based from), we participated in the annual parade of the students during the second day of activities, bearing the image of the patron saint of the school, Saint Andrew.

But, as with every activity, there is a preparation. And this preparation of ours is barely what we can call as “sufficient”. With only two days of practice of our Caracol dance, and the preparation of our processional platform undertaken a day before the parade and the dance itself, it sent our members to worry and tiredness.  But, as with every challenge up to that point, we endured it well.

Help from God sometimes comes from the most unexpected sources.

The Requiem Mass

It may look as organized as it looks from this poster, but our Requiem Mass was one of the most stressful but very rewarding Masses that we have ever organized so far. It was arranged as a Mass said in repose of the soul of our beloved school founder, the Reverend Joseph van Runckelen, CICM as well as for all those departed former employees of the school, especially in our Purgatorial Society.

Some photos:

It is to be noted that this Mass was an instance of a unity between the Student Catholic Action of the school, the Knights of Saint Michael, and the Confraternity in their desire or curiosity for the traditional Latin Mass. Albeit the faithful were very few in attendance, it was a very fulfilling Mass nonetheless. This was also my first time serving the Mass, and alongside me was a member of the aforementioned Student Catholic Action.


So far, while it is true that mishaps took place in all of our activities, we took kindness to ourselves and considered ourselves as neophytes, therefore it is inevitable that small mistakes would happen, for after all this is entirely an initiative of those who knew little of the rubrics, but studied the rubrics themselves personally to remedy that a bit. There is still room for improvement, and steps are currently being taken to ensure it. We are currently being assisted by the local Una Voce group based in Brixton Hill, Quezon City, and it is hoped that the plans push through.

It is also noted that we lack our own liturgical paraphernalia, and most of those seen in the photos, including the vestments themselves, were willingly lent to us by very gracious people. But nevertheless, we cannot survive by borrowing alone, so therefore we can be open for donations or assistance in this regard, although we are currently in discussion with our chaplain regarding those things.

And so in closing, I in my official capacity as the hermano mayor would like to implore the readers to please pray for our intentions, our upkeep, our growth and for Divine Providence to grant us our needs. A decade of the Rosary is very much appreciated.

Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus,

D. Celso

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