Recent Developments Within the Brotherhood of the Holy Eucharist

By the grace of God Almighty and by the merits of the Blessed Virgin Mary, queen of the Most Holy Rosary and our patroness, as well as through the intercession of our holy father and patron  Saint Benedict, the meeting with our head chaplain has been a success, even under the burning heat of the late afternoon Filipino sun.

The good Padre has revealed to us that he will train us in order to serve the Latin Mass, in order that there will be a steady supply of servers in the case that anything unseemly happens. Admittedly, while I do indeed have some knowledge of how to serve at the altar, I have never put it to use, and therefore I am not as confident in exercising them for the first time. It is therefore providential that the good Lord has allowed this to happen.

Also, due to the reason that our chaplain has agreed to meet with us and our meeting did occur, and it did occur well, it is clear as the sun that our Confraternity is now recognized by the school on an official level in the surest of ways, although there is the fact that we did also submit the requirements for forming an organization in the normal way of doing it, albeit with assistance from friends and benefactors from higher places.

Also, we have planned already the novena, enthronement and feast to be prepared in honor of our patroness, Our Lady of the Rosary. Please wait for more announcements here and on our Facebook page (click here.) regarding this matter. We have also opened a blog wherein you may be able to peruse our future activities (currently, it has five posts, two of which are in Spanish, and the other three are in English)

Also, we have a new member, whose interest in the Latin Mass and traditional Catholic practices were piqued after seeing Facebook Live videos of the Latin Mass that I have shared in our class FB group. Those videos are of the Una Voce Society of Saint Joseph at Brixton Hill, Quezon City. There are currently plans for an information drive in order to make the confraternity known in the school.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the good priest from the bottom of our hearts for allowing the Latin Mass to take place within the confines of the school, and may it enrich the spiritual life, barren as it is currently, and may it produce good fruit in the form of vocations, reversions and conversions.

The Hermandad and our head chaplain would also like to thank the administrator of this website, Mr. Arturo Ortiz for allowing me to announce the latest activities and developments within our confraternity.

Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus,

D. Celso

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