Like the Dinosaurs


The  modern  world  seems invincible.  Like  the  extinct dinosaurs.

In making such an observation, Nicolás Goméz Dávila expressed a profound truth about the modern world, and its adherence to fashionable platitudes and fads, that while it seems that these things are very widely held, widely believed, widely disseminated and widely known; like the dinosaurs it shall pass, and shall be rendered extinct. Such is the modernity of the world, that it is comparable enough to the large dinosaurs of yore that once roamed the earth. They are invincible; that one of their own has been appointed king, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and it seemed that his reign shall last long, perhaps unto the end of age. Isn’t that also implied in an unconscious way by those who mindlessly follow the modern fads because they know nothing better, and because everybody that they see do the same thing?

But like the T-Rex, all these modern ideas shall lapse into an antique curiosity and shall be extinct, like the dinosaurs.  Fads and what is considered as modern shall evolve until it is nothing, and while there might be stubborn individuals that may cling to it, sooner or later they shall succumb to the biological reality of death, and the fad that they had cling to with them.

That is why the Catholic Church never bases her entire institution on a fad or on modern ideas, but only on timeless truth, the teachings of Christ our Lord Himself, for she knows that such a fad might have been relevant or widely practiced today, but sooner or later it shall pass, and therefore it is just wise that she must not try to identify herself with a certain generation or era. She must be forever timeless.

So, the question of being ‘relevant’ here of the Church (as the president-elect of the Philippines insinuates before his supporters) is actually irrelevant. The Church does not care that she be relevant, she cares that she shall be there for the salvation of souls, regardless of how she be viewed by certain fads or fashions. Fashions change, but never shall the Church. As the world turns, the Cross stands firm.

Now, it is never forbidden or bad in themselves to follow some certain fashions, whether it be in art, clothes or technology. What is bad however is that these fads are replacing timeless truths. Today’s fads include sentimentality and relativism and the belief that “I’m OK, you’re OK, and I do not care if you are going to hell. As long as you FEEL that it is fine, do it. The world is your oyster.”

It is best that these fads not cloud our objective judgement, and those fads that want to replace timeless truths should be done away with, for they are truly damaging to the soul and weakens the will.

One must not follow the fads merely for the sake of following it because others do. One must discern if such a fad is necessary or perhaps at least harmless to the proper maintenance of your soul. In the end, what you should achieve for is your salvation.

We do not want, as the newspapers say, a Church that will move with the world. We want a Church that will move the world. (G.K Chesterton)

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