The Salvation of Souls


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As so much chaos is going on right now within and without the Holy Mother Church, we, all in dismay may forget what is the goal.  The goal of the Holy Mother Church and for each and ever individual is the “salvation of their souls.”  Yet, how often is this forgotten!  No matter our vocation in life, where we are or what we are doing we must all be working towards this goal personally and for the love and good of others. Let us, have recourse to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary and the Holy Sacraments to persevere. Please be encouraged and re-enkindeled about this most highest of all goals–the Salvation of Souls!


The Salvation of Souls 


The Salvation of Souls,

Is the greatest and highest of goals.


It must be made clear,

And held most dear.


It’s not about intelligence, money, power or fame,

It’s about who we are, where we are going, and from whence we came


And no greater peril the saints do tell,

Of the great number of souls that go to Hell.


Thus, we must take to heart,

And in no sin ever take part.


To keep our souls is a must,

And in no man, put the soul’s trust.


In order to win this great race,

We must stay in God’s Loving Grace.


We must triumph in every trial,

And aim to go the extra mile.


For the salvation of our soul,

Is the highest goal!


The entire universe together cannot compare,

To a single soul in God’s Grace so fair!


For a single soul in God’s Grace,

Is more precious than all of creation on the earth’s face.


Created in the Image and Likeness of God, the soul,

Finds the greatest reason and answer as to why this is the main goal.


A Single Soul is so sacred,

Made in the Image and Likeness of God it is consecrated.


If you could just see the soul of a saint,

As it appears before God you would faint.


So enraptured in radiant brightness,

With pure white cloaks of righteousness,


Burning with the Fire of Divine Love is this Flame,

Receiving all from God, from which it came.


Its soul always raised up in Holy Hope from the earth to the sky,

To the Almighty, Good-God, enthroned on high.


And ah, the Saint’s roots of Constant Faith are very deep,

As the tenets of the Faith did they always keep!


This Holy soul fought the good fight,

Fought it with all its might


And oh, would this courageous soul dare,

To grab every lion’s mare!


In order to save a soul from the dark evil lair,

helping and encouraging a soul to patiently its cross to bare.


And also to be a witness to virtues: Chasity, longanimity, purity…

-All possible with a burning-everlasting Charity!


Thus, every soul must always make,

Its sanctity its highest goal, never to forsake


For a soul who rather sees to maleficence,

Has thrown away all its magnificence!


Their souls are in great lack,

Being without Grace and are now black.


Their confidence and participation in evil,

Was the poison most lethal.


They took all backwards- including the word “live” too!

Which spells “evil” when flipped, and this they always do!


A single sin is most heinous and bile,

And it alone should we fear, as it make the soul defile.


In its sickness does it swarm,

And thus becomes worse than any worm.


From its vices it formed horns,

And with pride itself adorns.


With this in mind then of the Helling diabolical,

Let our minds and hearts reach and always seek the supernatural.


And in True, Pure, Golden LOVE,

Be united to the Triune Love Above!


It is all about the sanctity and salvation of the soul,

To be one day united to Pure Love is the soul’s ever true goal


And the ONLY gate that leads to this eternal bliss is found here on earth

It is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which from its abundant graces doth to the soul give birth.

The grace flowing from the Blessed Eucharist making the soul whole and pure,

From all its weaknesses and wickedness in the Eucharist is the cure.

However, only a worthy soul in the state of grace may receive such a One

As the Sole Eternal Precious and most Beloved Son!

So take care and make sure you’re focused on the goal…

For the salvation of your soul is the highest goal!


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