It’s a Wonderful Life and the Culture of Death


What It’s a Wonderful life can teach us about the culture of death and immoral society

We have been fighting against the culture of death and even simply in preserving the Divine and Natural Order which God has established for many decades now in the United States alone. This is true in regards to the issues of contraception and the ‘contraceptive mentality,’ which roots itself in the sexual revolution of the 1960s. This also includes the issues of legalized abortion which root itself on the Supreme Court Decision of Roe vs. Wade (1973). Lastly just about a month ago the Supreme Court took another erroneous and immoral decision in the legalization of same sex “marriage”.

In many ways these realities make us feel like becoming discouraged and even fall into despair over these societal problems and moral decadence. How can we stand against these now societal immoral customs when the majority have seemed to have embrace these issues? How can we furthermore fight against giants such as Planned Parenthood which almost seems to be a bully to those who dare defend life and who have not given in to this death cult? Even our own politicians for most part seem to have given in to this culture of death.

Recently many Democrats shown themselves as highly supportive of this type of culture founded upon this death culture situated around abortion and a contraceptive mentality. This is clearly seen in a recent decision by house Democrats on threatening to prosecute and investigate the Center for Medical Progress, which in many ways has been very effective in revealing this type of culture, specifically when it comes to the barbarous and truly uncivilized practices of Planned Parenthood or should I say Planned Murderdom?

This type of political reality is not only true of Democrats, but to a large extent also includes many Republicans, including those running for office in 2016. This is true in some public statements by Donald Trump in which he showed a certain type of changing of mind in regards to his stand in Defunding Planned Parenthood. Although he has shown his support of a general defunding of Planned Parenthood he recently stated that he would not defund it entirely. How can you possibly not defund an organization which has proven itself to be utterly racist and furthermore hostile to life in general and an actual enemy of women’s health? Ben Carson himself has shown contradictory evidence as it has been revealed that he has not only done research on aborted babies, but has furthermore advised some women to go see abortionists.

I highly think that the movie It’s a wonderful life offers us some moral insight as well as encouragement on how individual and social action including grassroots activity is required and effective in the fight against the culture of death towards a culture of life, but also in general towards a moral society rooted in the Divine laws of God and the Natural Law in general.

In the movie George Bailey (James Stewart) an honest and community and family centered businessman is often fighting against the coldhearted and morally aloof banker Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore) who cares nothing at all for anyone else but his own financial profits.

Towards the end of the movie George Bailey faces a financial dilemma in which he finds himself having to come up with about 8000$ that had been misplaced by his uncle and stolen by Mr. Potter himself which George Bailey needs to deposit or else be arrested and his company and those he loves left in ruins, living Mr. Potter to be able to take a fully monopoly over the community.

George Contemplates suicide and begins to think to himself that he was a failure in almost every regards. George says to himself that those whom he loves including his family and community would have been a lot better if he had not been born. In the midst of this spiritual and interior anguish and doubt, George Bailey contemplates suicide. However in the midst of this George’s guardian angel (Clarence) shows George how his family and society would have indeed been if he had not been born.

George Bailey realizes that if he would never had been born that both his family and society would have actually been a lot worse. Without George Bailey’s existence Mr. Potter would have taken over the whole community in which George lived and would have destroyed everyone’s lives. The community under Mr. Potter would have been one of complete immorality, an almost Vegas style community, with legalized promiscuity, prostitution and other types of vices. This also includes corrupt businesses and institutions.

The morale of this movie is that it shows us that regardless of how small our actions may be, every action that that is committed for the sake of the common good of society counts in the grand scheme of things. Every good action directed towards the higher Divine laws of God, as well as the natural laws takes part and molds the life of all who are impacted by this.

Michael Davies a Catholic writer once wrote If anyone reading this honestly believes that society cannot be changed, I can only reply: “Tell that to the homosexuals, tell that to the abortionists.” They have changed society, they have corrupted it, dehumanized it, but they knew what they wanted and they were prepared to fight for it, and they are still prepared to fight for it. Shall the children of light show less zeal than the children of darkness?

This is also true of us who are trying to fight for the restoration and preservation of that which is Divine, True and Beatufiul of society. We should not become discouraged if we meet setbacks and opposition to that which we seek to accomplish for the glory of God, the good of society, and the common good itself. However we should note that every good action of each one of us both as individuals and as socities helps mold everyone’s life.

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