Thousands protest outside Planned Parenthood Nationwide


Thousands Protest outside Planned Parenthood facilities across the nation

Today I had the privilege to attend and protest in one of the many pro-life rallies held today in the nation outside Planned Parenthood facilities. I attended the pro-life rally outside the Planned Parenthood facility in Tustin Street in Orange, California. There was approximately 1000 people protesting against Planned Parenthood at this single facility. Nationwide there many thousands more in total.

Those protesting Planned Parenthood prayed, as well as put on music in Praise of God and in defense of life. Many invited speakers came to give firsthand experience about how Planned Parenthood has destroyed the lives of many who have either had an abortion, or who have had some sort of experience with Planned Parenthood. Many other speakers similarly gave the truth about how Planned Parenthood does not have any concern for what is known as “women’s health,” but rather cares solely about using legalized abortion and the selling of intact body parts as a profitable business, without any concern for its clients or the general women in general. This reality inside the immoral and corrupt business aspect of Planned Parenthood has been made aware to the public through the now eight videos 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 that have been released by the Center for Medical Progress.

There were many individuals who drove past the pro-life rally who showed there positive support. This was a very wonderful and positive sight to behold. Around 90-95% of those who passed by the local Planned Parenthood facility gave positive feedback in support of the pro-life rally and event. Only about 5% showed negative feedback.

The pro-life event at our own local Planned Parenthood facility closed off with a blessing by Fr. Claude Williams (O. Praem) from Saint John the Baptist Catholic Parish in Costa Mesa, CA.

These pro-life rallies were once again held across the nation with thousands upon thousands of individuals protesting the barbarous practices of Planned Parenthood in regards to aborting and selling the body parts of intact babies.


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