Is abortion itself being exposed for what it is?


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How the expose of Planned Parenthood is exposing abortion as well

As many of you may know over the last two weeks there has been a series of three videos exposing the illegal and completely unethical practices of Planned Parenthood “Planned Murderdom” in regards to the selling of body parts. These videos came as a shock to many individuals both from the pro-life movement, but also to a large extent by those who classify themselves as pro-choice and furthermore supportive of abortion or at least indifferent towards it.

Ever since the first video was released many politicians used this opportunity to begin a process of proposing bills that would defund Planned Parenthood at least for a period of a year while Planned Parenthood is itself investigated for these practices. There has no doubt been a backlash against these videos that were released by representatives of Planned Parenthood including Cecile Richards (President of the Planned Parenthood Association of the United States), as well as various others. Many leading democrat leaders and others such as president Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi came to the defense of Planned Parenthood saying things such as ” Planned Parenthood being in line with the highest ethical standards” even though many of these individuals did not even watch the videos. Lastly many pro-choice advocates and other die-hard advocates of abortion of demand were obviously denouncing these videos as false, and the organization Center for Medical Progress as militant anti-abortionists. These videos though for most part as stated before had made many people, if not all, very critical and outright disgusted with Planned Parenthood itself.

There is however a series of interesting things that has happened since the third video was released just yesterday. The first interesting aspect is obviously an even greater increase in the public’s awareness and disgust of the illegal and unethical as well as immoral practices of selling body parts by the Planned Parenthood association. This is quite the case specifically as the newest video shows Planned Parenthood’s Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) in Denver, CO, Dr. Savita Ginde. Dr. Savita Ginde shows a live process of extraction in regards to an actual aborted baby and discusses the selling of the baby’s parts in a cold-hearted and aloof way without any concern with what the baby’s name would have been, or how the baby suffered in the process. Dr. Ginde states in a grotesque matter “I think a per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”

The second interesting aspect and probably a greater aspect of the third released video is the fact that amongst the YouTube commenters who commented in regards to the video, have shown not only a great disapproval of Planned Parenthood’s ethical practices, but many have also questioned their stand on abortion. Many individuals for example commented that they now see abortion in a new light after seeing this video and that many of those who were either for it, or at least indifferent towards it are now very skeptical of the ethics of legalized abortion.    Furthermore these two realities can be seen by a similar third aspect of the video, namely that of those who commented on the video, 90-95% have been utterly supportive of the video’s release and have supported The Center For Medical Progress.

Here are some examples of the comments

I was on the fense of abortion

I never new just how much abortion

I never new just how much abortion

having legal abortions

These videos are allowing people to see the real negative consequences of what legalized abortion does. What did people rally think were the social effects, as well as ethics and morality of individuals and organizations supporting legalized abortion, namely the murder of literally the most defenseless of society the baby who can’t defend himself and who has absolutely no voice in his defense?

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