Little Boy (Movie Review)


Alejandro Monteverde and Eduardo Verastegui have produced and directed another great Catholic and family centered movie. This movie should be watched and enjoyed by all families.

Little Boy is a movie about Pepper Flynt Busbee “Little Boy” (Jakob Salvati) who is often harassed and bullied by most of his peers, and which the whole town is soon harassing as well, based on his petite nature. It is only his father, James Busbee (Michael Rapaport) who is his only real companion and friend. James Busbee is however soon drafted to the military to fight in the Second World War, as London Busbee (David Henrie) his eldest son, ends up finding out that he is flat footed, and is for this reason declined admission to the army.

Pepper Flynt Busbee “Little Boy” simply wants his father back home and when he sees a magic show of Ben Eagle, he then believes Little Boy Father Oliverthat he can do many things, such as bringing his dad back home if he simply believes. It is only when Little Boy goes to Mass and hears a sermon by a priest, Father Crispin (Eduardo Verastegui) about how faith even the size of a mustard seed can move something as large as a mountain. In conjunction with this sermon, it is only when Little Boy meets Father Oliver (Tom Wilkinson) that he is given spiritual direction in regards of how to to best use his faith. Fr. Oliver insists that if he really wants his father back home then he must work out and complete an ancient list “the seven corporal works of mercy” as well as an additional eight work; making friends with the “enemy” Hashimoto (Cary Tagawa).

It is in being given this list that Little Boy must learn to make friends with his perceived “enemy” Hashimoto “A Jap”. It is in this interaction between Little Boy and Hashimoto that a friendship begins and lasts throughout the whole movie. Hashimoto and Little Boy help each other out in a mutual way. In the first place Hashimoto helps Little Boy to complete his list of visiting the prisoners, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, and the rest of the corporal acts of mercy. Similarly Hashimoto also helps Little Boy to trust in himself and be more assertive, while this relationship that develops between Little Boy and Hashimoto also provides Hashimoto with a source of companionship.

The movie of Little By is truly a great movie for all families to watch. There is a lot of themes which make this appropriate for all families including its pro-Christian and pro-family themes. Some of these themes include the Christian theme of the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Other themes which make up Little Boy includes an emphasis on loyalty both in the cases of Little Boy wanting his father back home, and not stopping until he is back safe, as well as Little Boy’s mother Emma Busbee’s (Emily Watson) marital fidelity to her husband, when she tells Dr. Fox (Kevin James) that “she is always going to be a Busbee.”

There are also some other themes which make this both a pro-Christian and pro-family movie such as its pro-life stance. The movie emphasizes the bad consequences of bullying, racism and prejudices, and even of the horrors of war and wanting it ended as soon as possible. All of these pro-life themes do a good job in emphasizing the human dignity of life as we are made in the image and likeness of God.

A last significant theme is that of redemption. This is shown in the redemption of several individuals such as both Pepper Flynt “Little Boy” and his brother London Busbee. This is clearly seen in their eventual redemption away from the stains of hatred and prejudice which they both faced throughout the movie.


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