Russia’s new law against pedophiles

In its fight against crime and immorality, Russia has approved a law which will add harsh punishments (including chemical castration) to those convicted of pedophilia against children under 14 years of age. A news site (rtnews) states:

The Russian parliament has approved a law on pedophilia in a first reading. From now on people found guilty of sex crimes against children under the age of 14 will face chemical castration, while repeat offenders face a life sentence.

Furthermore this same news site states that the reason which the law has passed was because of a massive rise in those convicted of pedophilia. This could either be due to better investigation, or to an actual rise in pedophilia activity, or even to both. The news site states:

A staggering 1,300 Russian children suffered from sexual crime involving violence in 2008 and another 5,233 from non-violent sexual crimes, according to Anton Belyakov, an MP for the loyalist A Just Russia party. Belyakov was among those calling for more severe punishments for pedophiles, as some 97% repeat their offenses after being released.

Why chemical castration?

The news source which I have been quoting from states that the reason why chemical castration is used is mostly due to lowering the level of testosterone in men which is the main cause for sexual desire.

The procedure of chemical castration is carried out using the drug Depo-Provera, which contains synthetic progesterone. The female hormone progesterone lowers the levels of its male counterpart – testosterone, the hormone responsible for sexual desire, effectively reducing the latter.

Pedophilia and homosexuality

Theodore Shoebat in the following video comments that there is a link between the law applying harsh punishments against pedophiles, and Russia’s recent law outlawing homosexual propaganda. Shoebat states that Russia has linked a large portion of pedophilia activity and homosexual immorality.

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