My Letter to Harvard President Drew G. Faust Regarding the Black Mass that is being allowed

I just sent an email to the President of Harvard University Drew G. Faust and this is what I wrote

I am very disappointed that this University that I have always held in high esteem is honestly allowing such a mockery of the Catholic faith. I have heard not too long ago that this university while not supporting such event, is still never less allowing it to occur. I have at the same time heard from fellow sources that there is a possibility of a consecrated Host being used by the Satanic community. Whether this is true or not, the matter of the fact is that the use of the Eucharistic host is a direct mockery of the faith by its mere symbolism.

Despite the statements of the Satanic community who hold that this event is no other than an exercise of religious freedom and cultural exchange is far from the truth. This event is no other than to mock the Catholic Faith. Let us not forget what a Black Mass is. Modern Satanism’s founder, Anton Lavey, author of the Satanic Bible, himself stated, “A Black Mass is essentially a parody on the religious service of the Roman Catholic Church, but can be loosely applied to a satire on any religious ceremony.” Its main objective was the profanation of the Eucharist. There are various other similarities to the Black Mass which helps to show just how similar yet perverse the Mass is set up in order to act as a mockery of Catholicism.

The French sections that LaVey published were quotations from Huysmans’s La Bas. The Latin of Melech and LaVey is based on the Roman Catholic Latin Missal, reworded so as to give it a Satanic meaning (e.g. the Roman Mass starts “In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, introibo ad altare Dei”, while LaVey’s version, printed in the Satanic rituals, starts “In nomine magni dei nostri Satanas, introibo ad altare Domini Inferi”). There are a small amount of copyist and grammatical errors. For example, “dignum” from the Mass, is once incorrectly spelled “clignum”, in the printed Satanic rituals. Another example, also appearing once, is “laefificat” instead of “laetificat”. One of the more obvious grammatical errors is “ego vos benedictio”, “I bless you”, which should have been “ego vos benedico”. Another grammatical peculiarity, is that throughout his version of the Mass, LaVey does not decline the name Satanas, as is typically done in Latin if the endings are used, but uses only the one form of the word regardless of the case. Melech uses Satanus. “Satanas” as a name for Satan appears in some examples of Latin texts popularly associated with Satanism and witchcraft, such as the middle age pact with the devil supposedly written by Urbain Grandier. Both Black Masses end with the Latin expression “Ave Satanas!” – “Welcome, Satan!” (Expressing the opposite sentiments of the similar statement made by Jesus to Satan in the Latin Vulgate Bible (Latin Vulgate, Matthew 4:10), “Vade, Satanas!” – “Go away, Satan!”).

I am positive that Harvard would not let such event occur if it was to mock the Jewish or Islamic faith. If a Koran burning event was to occur and the people would honestly argue that it was a mere cultural exchange I am sure that Harvard would not let this event happen. Similarly if an event would occur to reenact Hitler or a mockery of the Holocaust as a cultural exchange I know that this too would be prohibited by Harvard. However a similar disrespectful thing is happening as a mocking of the Catholic Faith, yet this itself is allowed. Where is the logic in this?

I give great hope that Harvard may do the right thing and stop this event from happening and not simply state a mere disapproval of such event.

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Jesus Mary and Joseph Pray for us!!!


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