March for Life and Latin Mass in San Francisco

San Francisco is one if not the most least religious and most left wing city in the United States. It is perhaps one of the biggest areas for the acceptance of homosexuality and even that of abortion. Yet the March For Life movement went this Saturday to San Francisco. This is good as it is one of the biggest cities that need these type of conservative movements. Not only did San Francisco experience a march for life, but it even experienced several Latin Masses on January 25th thanks to the Latin Mass community in San Francisco.




Let us give thanks for the laity and specially the priests who are marching for life and working to preserve and save the lives of the unborn, specially in these most liberal cities.

Also don’t forget to check out Michael Voris’ Mic’d Up episode were he talks about the March For Life movement where he interviews well know pro-lifers.


God Bless and let us help save the lives of the unborn.




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